“David Heuring is one of the most accomplished writers specializing in a complex subject: the art and craft of cinematography. He has been pursuing this subject for many years.

I first met David when he was writing for American Cinematographer Magazine, the most prestigious publication in the field of motion picture and television cinematography. I became the Chair of the Publications Committee for that organization. I had the honor of making the recommendation that he become the editor of that magazine. We had a long and fruitful relationship in our respective jobs, one that grew into a close friendship.

After leaving full employment for the AC magazine he was hired to continue writing about the subject for CCS, the public relations firm working for Kodak. He has written many hundreds of articles about cinematography and is highly respected by cinematographers, directors and producers.

I also have had David moderate discussion panels on the subject of cinematography. He is articulate and engaging and runs a very entertaining panel when asked to do so.

I would recommend David for any task relating to communicating about cinematography. He brings a rare combination of talent, judgment and experience to his work.”

-Steven Poster, ASC
President, International Cinematographers Guild Local 600